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Walls of Jerusalem National Park - Map and Notes

This map highlights the walking tracks and features tourist information along with general topographic detail. The notes on the reverse side introduce visitors to the vegetation, land forms, animals, history of the area, bushwalking tips and safety essentials.

Please Note: Access to the Walls of Jerusalem and Arm River is closed from Mersey Forest Road and Bare Hill Road. There is no other access to these track heads. For further information contact the PWS Great Western Field Centre on 6701 2104.

Wellington Park Recreation Map

This map highlights the walking tracks and features tourist information for Wellington Park.

Overland Track badge - White

Overland Track badge  - a great reminder of your walking experience along the famous Overland track in Tasmania.  Also available in Red and Green - see separate product listings.

Overland Track Badge - Green

Overland Track souvenier badge - a great reminder of your walking experience along the famous Overland Track in Tasmania.  Also available in Red and White - see separate product listings.

Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area 1 Month Recreational Driver Pass

This 1 month Recreational Driver Pass allows you to drive on designated recreational vehicle tracks and routes while visiting the Arthur-Pieman. All pass holders receive a complimentary Arthur-Pieman Recreational Driving Guide, which includes detailed maps of the vehicle tracks, important information on preparing for your visit, facilities within the Arthur-Pieman, safe driving tips, and the natural and cultural heritage of the reserve. Pass holders also receive a complimentary DVD on Recreational Driving in the Arthur-Pieman, presented by Nick Duigan from 'Hook, Line & Sinker', with a bonus feature Powerful Country, Passionate People describing the extraordinary landscape and people who call the place home.

The detailed maps contained within the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area Recreational Driving Guide are also available from the Arthur River Field Centre (03 6457 1225) and can be downloaded from the Parks website:

Peninsula Walks

This map highlights walks on the Tasman Peninsula along with general topographic detail. Featured walks include: Three Capes Track, Cape Pillar Track, the Tasman Coastal Trail and a series of shorter walks.


PARKS PASSES are now available from the new PARKS PASS PORTAL.


APCA Permits, souvenirs, maps, information packs, DVDs and books are still available through this Online Shop. Development is underway for the Online Shop and Parks Pass Portal to be integrated. Apologies for the inconvenience at this time.

Shopping Bag - Black

This re-useable shopping bag is branded with the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service logo.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Postage is based on 1 bag only. Depending on your postal address, additional postage may be required for orders of 2 bags or more before order can be confirmed. If additional postage is required, a staff member will contact you by email with an authorisation form to deduct the additional postage from your credit card.

A Guide to Flowers and Plants of Tasmania

A Guide to Flowers & Plants of Tasmania by the Launceston Field Naturalists Club is in its fourth edition. It is a beautifully illustrated guide that has been extensively revised, with updated text and many new pictures.

Echidna Soft Toy

Echidna soft toy

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