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Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area 12 Month Recreational Driver Pass

This 12 month Recreational Driver Pass allows you to drive on designated recreational vehicle tracks and routes while visiting the Arthur-Pieman. All pass holders receive a complimentary Arthur-Pieman Recreational Driving Guide, which includes detailed maps of the vehicle tracks, important information on preparing for your visit, facilities within the Arthur-Pieman, safe driving tips, and the natural and cultural heritage of the reserve. Pass holders also receive a complimentary DVD on Recreational Driving in the Arthur-Pieman, presented by Nick Duigan from 'Hook, Line & Sinker', with a bonus feature Powerful Country, Passionate People describing the extraordinary landscape and people who call the place home.

The detailed maps contained within the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area Recreational Driving Guide are also available from the Arthur River Field Centre (03 6457 1225) and can be downloaded from the Parks website:

Tas Devil Soft Toy

Tasmanian Devil Soft Toy

The Overland Track Information Package

This package contains 3 essential items to take with you on the walk:  The Overland Track - One Walk, Many Journeys visitor guidebook (published by Parks), a 1:100,000 map, and a Leave No Trace swing-tag to attach  to your pack.

100 Walks in Tasmania

This book written by Tyrone Thomas and Andrew Close contains information about 100 of Tasmania's best walks.

Saving Tasmanian Devils

Saving Tasmanian Devils by Dr Mark Norman is an informative book aiming to provide the younger reader with an insight into the lives of Tasmanian Devils, as well as highlight their plight with the deadly facial tumour disease and what is currently being done to save them.

Baby Mammals of Tasmania

Baby Mammals of Tasmania is a delightful children's book by Dave Watts featuring beautiful baby photos of Tasmania's native animals.

The Field of Dreams

The Field of Dreams is a collection of stories and beautiful photographs by Mark Clemens showcasing the Mt Field national park.

Camping Guide to Tasmania

This bestselling book by Craig Lewis and Cathy Savage is a comprehensive guide to over 180 campsites across Tasmania.  It features beautiful colour photographs and detailed information on facilities of the various destinations.  It also includes touring and regional maps.

Cradle Mountain, Lake St. Clair - Book

This book by John Chapman covers all the main tracks and routes in the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks.  The book contains comprehensive track notes and also brief background notes on history, weather, botany and geology, place names, comprehensive safety notes and access details.

Cycling the Bush

Cycling the Bush by Sven Klinge highlights 100 rides in Tasmania.

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